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Back Squat Blues

Posted in back squats, floor wipers, push press, SDLHP with tags , , , on August 31, 2011 by coughingsparks

Boyo boy. Started with my new warm-up of pull-ups (5 with 64# assist), dips (9 with 64# assist) and air squats x10, three rounds, and then went on to my first back squat in a reallyreallyreally long time. Boy was it bad and there is a surprising discrepancy between my dead lift 5RM (165# at this moment) and my back squat 5RM (95#. 95 freaking pounds). Here is what I did:


That was rough, to have a 5RM in the double digits. On the other hand, it was a LOW BAR back squat and my form was pretty damn good, if I say so. I want good form, I want to break the plane, I want to stay on my heels, and I am going to swallow my pride to make that happen. Also, squatting has never been my forte. I guarantee it will be better next time though.

I went on to a made-up WOD. I have been making up my own lately in an attempt to trigger what I need, and work around severe fatigue in certain muscle groups at certain times (most likely quads; do I need thrusters? Yes, but…). So, I came up with this:

3 rounds for time of:

-10 Push press 65#
-10 SDLHP 65#
-10 (each side) Floor Wipers, 65#

I got: 7:39. I was going to do five rounds but by round two I was breaking up the push press and I decided that this workout should be heavier weight for a shorter period of time (also what I need; you won’t see me doing a lot of unweighted metcon for a while). I am more likely to scale this one up with weight rather than with rounds, and monkey with the number of times I do each exercise.

I finished with another 30 minutes on the Expresso Bike and had a sneaking suspicion that the course I did today may be simply the reverse of the course I did yesterday. I mentioned to Scott, one of the trainers, that it would be more fun if if were like Mario Kart, rather than just scenery (basically, the Expresso Bike is about four dozen different courses with video, so if you see a hill, it’s harder to pedal and you can shift gears). If you could attack the other riders with banana peels and stuff, it would be more interesting. You could get more points or weapons or goodies by, say, hitting a certain power level for 30 seconds. Someone should invent something like that.


Playing with Intervals

Posted in box jumps, kettle bells, presses, pull-ups with tags , , , , on August 30, 2011 by coughingsparks

The nice thing about being a n00b once again is just how quickly you see improvements. For example, I went back to the 5×5 press today, with this:

70×3 (F)

Even though I failed the last round, 70 is a new 5RM* (*s/p Katrina) so yay! I was going to do some sort of squat today but on my warm up (pull-up/dip/air squat) my legs were already fried. I am going to have to do front squat and back squat on their own days, i.e., not with OHS, until I get stronger.

For metcon, I borrowed from Crossfit Virtuosity, which was six rounds of:

-30 second KB swing 35#
-30 second rest
-30 second under-bar row
-30 second rest
-30 second 9″ box jumps
-30 second rest

Actually, the Crossfit Virtuosity WoD had completely different exercises (SDLHP, Front Squat, and Push Press–sound familiar?); I liked the idea of the intervals, but wanted to do my own exercises. Here are my results:

KB Swing: 16-16-16-16-16-16
Row: 11-10-9-8-8-8
Box Jump: 17-17-18-18-18-18

Total: 256.

Next time I will use a slightly higher box, but I tried an 18″ box jump, just one, today and I almost broke my face, so the aerobic step is where it’s at for now.

Finished with a seven-mile course on the bike.

10! And Fran Fail

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Started out with OHS 5×5 straight across with just the bar. This is an improvement over the last time, which was 3×5. Went on to a 5×3 dead lift, which was:


I really wanted 175, but my form was starting to suffer so I put my ego back in check and settled for 165, which is actually body weight (haha, in HIGH SCHOOL!). Actually, I gained weight this week, which is incredibly frustrating, 203#.

Also frustrating is my Fran fail today. I was going to do Fran with a straight bar and under-bar rows, but the thrusters were too much, particularly after dead lifting and overhead squatting. Perhaps on another day.

Anyway, I wrapped up with another made-up WoD, but one that is not new to me, for time:

-20# KB snatch right
-20# KB snatch left
-Girl push-ups

9:07. Hmm. I said I wouldn’t do this, but last time I pulled this out in 6:40 with 25# KB Snatch and full push-ups. Sigh.

Rest Day

Posted in rest day with tags on August 28, 2011 by coughingsparks

Today is a “rest day” so I only did 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer. I may actually rest on my next rest day but not today.

First OHS, Shoulder Hell

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Still sore today, but I had a plan before I set foot in the gym. I started with 3×5 OHS with just the bar. I knew that I just had to go for it with weight and that was all there was to it. It wasn’t super easy but I managed it without dumping or falling over. I followed that with an old Crossfit Ithaca WoD that I call Shoulder Hell:

5 rounds for time of:

-2 presses
-4 push presses
-6 push jerks
-30 double unders

I used just the bar and subbed on 3x singles and got 8:27. I’m glad I chose the weight that I did.

Little metcon

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I couldn’t really do any big lifting today so I decided to stick with metcon. I started with a warm-up of alternating between pull-ups, dips and push-ups. I think I am going to have to grease the groove somehow on all three of those. Following that, I made up my own metcon of

AMRAP in 15 minutes of
-10 HPC 65#
-15 KB swings 1pood
-20 sit-ups

I got five rounds, and I realized partway through that all three of these exercises use the same muscles. Also, my form on the cleans was not very good. I couldn’t do full cleans on account of my sore legs and trying to do HPCs all in a row is hard because you can’t maintain a grip.


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Today I think I might be hurting worse than yesterday. I’ll be hurting tomorrow too so I am working within parameters of exercises that don’t require the quadriceps (and that’s not a lot). I started with a 5×3 press, which was:


I then did pull-ups and dips on the Gravitron with 66 pounds of help 3/8 respectively x3 rounds. I finished with a 500m row at a very respectable 1:49, which was definitely an ego boost. I finished with 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer and found out after that yes, I can still do a handstand and it’s not all that hard, although I can’t yet do it one-handed.

In other news, I downloaded two useful apps for iPod: a Crossfit WoD one that lets you log records and shows all the different WoDs, i.e., Heroes, Girls, New Girls and tracks your progress over time. It also has a Tabata timer. The other app is the WordPress app, which I am using now.