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Today we went out back behind the globo where the dumpsters are and got out the two giant tractor tires. One of them is 400#, supposedly, and the other is 200#-ish although no one really knows. In any case, one’s big and one’s small. I took to flipping the small one, first 50 flips back and forth. Then we did another 50 with jumping through it in the middle. It was really, really fun. And we got really, really dirty. There’s a trick to flipping a tire that Dan taught me, which is to go in at an angle and push up at about 45 degrees forward and up, rather than getting right up on it and just trying to lift straight up.

Tire flipping is about the best full-body workout ever invented. The reason I can’t type very well right now is because my forearms are completely burnt up. Getting purchase on a tire is not easy, and you end up using your fingers to do it rather than your whole hand, as you would with a barbell lift. After we finished, we went into the globo and Marcus said, “let’s do 100 pull-ups.” Yeah, I couldn’t even do one. I couldn’t get a grip on the bar at all. So we did 100 push-ups and then 50 bar dips. I am going to be crazy sore tomorrow; I can tell already.

I’m also starving…



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Today was strength. When I look at my dead lift category for this blog, it only looks like I’m doing them once per month. I haven’t done 3s since December. I know that this isn’t 100% right because I do DL on WODs sometimes, but still. Weird. Anyway, I did 5×3 today, at:

45×5 (warm up)
135×5 (warm up)
155×3 (warm up)
210×3 (new 3RM!)

Nice to get a new 3RM. Kind of makes me wonder if I also have a new 1RM as well hidden away. I went on to 3-3-3-3-3-3 press. Progress is slower on the press because the muscles aren’t as big:

45×5 (warm up)

Not too bad. I went on to repeat Week 2, Day 2 of the 100 Push-up plan. I’m not moving on until i can get at least 17 in the max set, and so far I haven’t been able to do it. I don’t mind the 100 push-up plan, but don’t be fooled into thinking it really only takes six weeks. Today I did 14-17-12-12-10. Meh.

Friday Fun tomorrow. I think we’re flipping the tire.


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Today, after two and a half hours of sleep, I decided it might be a good idea to attempt Karen as Rx’d, 150 wall balls for time at 20#. Last time I did it, it was with 12# and I got 6:20. Today I did it with the Rx’d weight of 20# (using my basketball of sand) and got 8:42. That felt good. Karen is a pain in the ass because at about rep 33 or so, you start to wonder what you got yourself into. By rep 75, it’s hard to believe you’re only halfway done. I took the last 50 ten at a time. I also managed not to hit myself in the face this time.

By the time I was done, Marcus and Brian had shown up, so I messed around with their ab workout. We switch off on the inclined bench doing weighted sit-ups. I did three sets of 10 with a 45 pound plate held straight above my chest. That was hard. The good news is that my hip is back to 100%, so I didn’t even have the merest twinges of pain. I did some KTE also. I tried to demonstrate a windshield wiper, but it’s reallyreally hard. Anyone who can do them, I bow down to you.

I finished up with five sets of eight HSPU progressions, a 90 second hold and some free-standing. Great day.

OHS/Back Squat/Push-up

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Started with a 5×3 OHS at 65-75-80-85-85, nice and low. I then went on to my second ever low-bar back squat, which I still hate, BTW, a 5×3 that looked like this:

45×5 (warm up)
95×3 (warm up)
115×3 (warm up)

Still 20# lighter than my high bar 3RM. I still don’t have the confidence with these, but I suspect it will come with time. I’m trying to stick with these even though I hate them. On the other hand, my low back does not hurt AT ALL. Also, I am trying to bear in mind that I used to hate OHS also, but I made myself do them and do them and now they’re not so bad.

I finished up with Week 2, Day 2 of the Hundred Push-ups plan, which I’m rather stuck on, but that’s OK. It was 14-16-12-12-13, the last of which was supposed to be 17, but last time I did 7, so it’s some marginal improvement.

One Year of Crossfit

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As promised, today I am going to talk about how far I’ve come in a year. When I started Crossfit one year ago, I wouldn’t say that I was deconditioned. I was actually in “good shape” by everyone else’s definition. I would spend six days a week on the elliptical for 35 minutes and do weight training about three times a week, using Nautilus machines mostly. I couldn’t do a pull-up though. I didn’t know how to dead lift. I had never heard of a snatch or a clean and jerk. But I started anyway. And I learned along the way. Here’s how far I’ve come.

500m row: 1:55 to 1:38
2000m row: 8:19 to 7:48
5000m row: 22:17 to 20:35

Mile Run: 8:39 to 7:00
400m Run: 1:39 to 1:25

OHS: 55# to 95#
Front Squat: 70# to 165#
Dead lift: 65# to 230#
Press: 45# to 100#
Back Squat: 95# to 205#
Dead hang pull-ups: 0 to 7
Dips: on the gravitron with 82# assistance to 11 bar dips and 4 ring dips
Snatch: 45# to 75#
Clean and Jerk: 45# to 95#
TGU: 15# to 30#

Diane (with 155# DL and downward-facing dog push-ups with feet elevated on the bench): 13:54 to 8:53
Filthy Fifty: over an hour, skipping three exercises, scaling the rest way back to as Rx’d

Triplet of Pain: Four rounds, five thrusters to eight rounds, five thrusters
Hansen: 3 rounds of 20, 20, 10 untimed to 5 rounds of 30, 30, 10 at 17:16
Michael: subbing 800m elliptical for run 30:48 to as Rx’d 27:17

Things I still can’t do: MU, HSPU, kip.

Introduction to Crossfit

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Today I ended up running into my buddies Judd and Janaki accidentally on purpose at Crossfit Ithaca. Because of a time mix-up, we ended up in the Saturday morning free introductory session, the three of us relatively experienced CFers and a newbie named Jima(sp?). We warmed up, learned how to air squat and then Clea made up a little “introductory” metcon which just goes to show that there is no easy Crossfit:

AMRAP in 7 minutes of:
-80m sprint
-20 air squats
-10 push-ups
-5 pull-ups (or ring rows)

Rest two minutes. Then do it again.

I got five pull-ups shy of four rounds the first time and three rounds the second time, both as Rx’d. The pull-ups were difficult, as were the last few push-ups. Jima did fantastic; of course it was difficult, the first metcon always is, but she did the push-ups military style and clearly had the mental intensity to be a good if not a great CFer. I hope she sticks with it.

Today is exactly one year of Crossfit for me. Tomorrow I would like to post a look-how-far-I’ve-come sort of thing; I’m too lazy tired to do it tonight.

100 Inverted Burpees

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My glutes and hamstrings were scorched today from the past couple of days. I was going to do Shoulder Hell today (5x 2-4-6 press, push press, push jerk + 30 DU), but my double under is gone. I don’t know where it went, but it’s not here. So rather than frustrate myself, I did 100 inverted burpees for time, which is a handstand, come down, roll backwards, touch your toes down behind your head (plow position), roll back up, go into a handstand. Last time I did it was back in December and I got 14:46. I got 14:08 today. I am doing more of rolling straight out and into a handstand without standing in between, which saves time. This one burns out my quads. After the first 50, I was like, really? I have to do 50 more? Really?