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I can barely straighten my arms today. I mean, I can do it, but it takes a long time, so sore are my triceps. Today was supposed to be a rest day, but it’s difficult to stay away from the globo on a Saturday, which is my one day to completely hog the Oly platform and no one cares. I did tons of snatch practice today, and once again got a mental block at 70 pounds, although I did actually get one today. I did 5×5 of 45-55-60-65 and then one at 70 hang snatch, then the last few had to be power snatches. But at least I proved to myself that I could do it. After all, I can OHS 95 pounds. Overall, however, I am definitely getting more comfortable with this exercise.

Another reason I like the globo on a Saturday is that there are no group fitness classes, so the big, giant room with the plyometric boxes is open to anyone. So I practiced double unders for a while and finally, finally got a PR, my first one this months of 20 in a row. Yay! I just got into a rhythm and went and went and went.

I finished up with a WOD I made up of one minute on, one minute off x8 box jumps for reps and I wouldn’t allow myself to step down. I ended up with 24-27-24-23-20-23-24-23, for a total of 188. I like this little WOD, and I desperately need to get better at this exercise.

I finally have my mojo back (for now).


Friday Fun

Posted in friday fun with tags on January 29, 2010 by coughingsparks

My back is finally, finally fixed after two weeks of insufficiency. I am so very happy and it was not a moment too soon because my new buddies and I were back in the gym for another round of Friday torture. The WOD was completely random this time. There were four of us, so we each chose an exercise and then Dan walked around to random people in the gym and had them pick a number between 5 and 30, assigned numbers to each exercise and we did three rounds. It ended up being:

-13 Dead Lifts (boys used 225#, me and the newbie used 135#
-12 Thrusters (boys used 95#; I used 65#)
-25 Ring Dips (I used the blue band)
-9 Burpees

I got 17:57 and this workout was absolutely horrible. Doing burpees after ring dips was sucktastic. I also did the dead lift slowly because the last thing I wanted was to f my back up again ten minutes after getting it fixed.

I actually brought my rings in for everyone to use, and they fell in love with them. One of the trainers from the globo came over and used them and said the globo should get some. I nodded emphatically. Boy did we get some dirty looks though. The five of us had taken over the Oly platform, one squat rack of two and four barbells, plus most of the bumpers.


OHS/Belly Buster Redux

Posted in belly buster, overhead squats with tags , on January 28, 2010 by coughingsparks

My Magic Grip came in the mail today, yay! Back to rocking the pull-ups. Whoever is on the leader board for my age group for the monthly fitness challenge (dead hang pull-ups) has 10, which there’s no way I’ll beat in the next three days. Oh well. I’m not the awesomest one of all. Anyway, started with 4×5 OHS, which was 65-75-80-85. Last one was shaky. My legs were pretty dead from yesterday’s insanity. I finished up with the Belly Buster, which is three rounds for time of:

-20 KB swings
-20 Box jumps
-20 Sit-ups

I got a 7:30, which rocks for three reasons: 1.) I used a 45# KB instead of a 35# KB and 2.) still shaved eight seconds off of my time from last time and 3.) I jumped up and down for about half of the box jumps (like the first 10 of every 20). Win!

For tomorrow, we decided to do something other than FGB, just to mix things up. So we’re brainstorming…preferably something long with a lot of variety.

Snatch/Back Squat

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I did lots of snatch practice today. My form is improving but I get a mental block after a while and can’t do the lift, which is weird. I started with barbell snatch balance, then did 5×5 hang squat snatch:


70 just wasn’t happening. And after that, the lift just didn’t feel right although up until that point I had been doing fine. I then went on to do a 5×3 back squat:

105×5 (warm up)
115×5 (warm up)

I met my 3RM on that one. I then went on to practice box jumps both up and down on a 12″ platform, in sets of 20 interspersed with double under practice. I couldn’t really decide what to do after that, so I wandered over to my new buddies who were just starting and we decided to do, for time:

-100 20″ box jumps
-100 air squats

My time was 8:53. This was a pain right in the @$$ after doing snatches then back squats then box jump practice. On the other hand, I was able to jump both up and down for a good chunk of the box jumps. I just need to improve my agility is all.

Social Hour

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I mostly did OHS and snatch practice today with my new buddies, so that meant a lot of time at the gym talking about Crossfit. The OHS is one of three things in Crossfit that I’m pretty good at: OHS, rowing, and handstands, although there is a correlation between being good at handstands and being good at the OHS. I was teaching them about the snatch balance and working up to doing a snatch. OHS is very difficult for people new to it, as is the snatch balance, despite the classic OHS paradox: they can squat a ton and press a ton, but get flummoxed at a 65# OHS. Why?

The answer is in the nervous system, core control, and shoulder flexibility, which again is why there’s a correlation between having a solid handstand and being good at the OHS. These guys who are new to Crossfit but not new to lifting have powerful, big shoulders and biceps, and strong abdominal muscles, and strong quadriceps, but are not used to being able to lock the bar overhead in a wide grip, and go through the extremely awkward motion of squatting with the damn thing way up in the air. Same with the snatch balance. It’s neat to see people get it though, see their eyes light up when they nail it.

Anyway, I did 5×5 OHS at 65-75-80-85-90, with an audience. I did some snatch balance with 65# and power snatch with 65#. I finished with tons of double-under practice to make up for yesterday. I can get about six in a row now, which is great. I also did some free-standing handstands, which went OK, but as I’ve said in other posts this week, I really, really need to get my back fixed. That’s totally holding my up right now.

Also on my to-do list is box jumps. What’s holding me back there is not actually my crappy knees, but my lack of agility, which I can work on. If I can master the box jump, I can add a lot to my FGB, which is coming up again on Friday. Having buddies has been very helpful for my motivation.

Today doesn’t count

Posted in double unders, presses with tags , on January 24, 2010 by coughingsparks

Overslept again. I’m not even counting today as a workout. I only had about 20 minutes, so I did a 5×3 press, which reallyreally hurt my back. I am about tired of this. At least I met my 3RM:

45×5 (warm up)
65×5 (warm up)

I then did double-under practice and got scolded again, because I was outside of the group fitness room where I was told to jump rope by globo staff and this woman came out with her yoga mat and said that I was making too much noise. I was running out of time, so I stopped, but I was quite annoyed.

I’m having a bad month. 2010 sucks so far.


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Saturday is a nice day to work out in the globo because that is most people’s day off. It is typically my day to do snatches because I can take all the time I need on the Oly platform. I started with PVC, doing shrugs, power shrugs, scarecrow snatches, snatch balance and hang snatches, about five of each. I followed that up with empty bar shrugs, power shrugs, overhead squat, and snatch balance, five of each. I finished with 3×5 hang snatches, which went very well: 45-55-60.

I finished with Fran for the first time with Rx’d weight of 65# and jumping pull-ups. I got 6:45. I’m not disappointed. I have never done it with the Rx’d weight and I know I’ll be faster next time. I only wish that I could do it completely as Rx’d. My back is still messed up and I didn’t think it was until I started doing the thrusters. I have a chiropractor appointment on Friday. Until then, no cleans, no deadlifts.