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Tabata Something Else/Big Hike

Posted in tabata something else with tags on June 30, 2009 by coughingsparks

I haven’t done Tabata Something Else since switching to the new blog; I think it’s been at least a month since I tried it, if not six weeks. My folks were in town today, so I didn’t go to the gym, and decided to to a WOD at home. I have enough equipment to do many WODs now without the gym, although it means no heavy lifting. The biggest difference I noticed today is not having to go to my knees halfway through my push-ups. I mean, I could have done full push-ups on the last Tabata Something Else, but it would have been one every round.

Anyway, I am doing resistance-band pull-ups but still:

Pull-ups: 9-8-4-3-3-3-2-3
Push-ups: 10-9-5-5-4-4-4-3
Sit-ups: 12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12
Squats: 13-14-13-12-12-12-12-12

For a total of: 275

Then I went on the four and a half mile hike up the Rim Trail and down the Gorge Trail at Treman Park with the parentals. It rained the entire way back down, of course. And now I hear thunder.


My Wall Ball Needs Help…

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I sort of had a turkey of a day today. On days after I work, I only get about four hours of sleep before I go to the gym and do my workout, so I feel sort of horrible all day. Today was one of those days, although I managed my 2K row in 8:35, which is a new PR, so it wasn’t all bad. Anyway, I only did overhead squats at the gym five sets of four because my form sucked, 65-70-70-70-70. I also managed four dips, which is another PR, so that wasn’t bad either.

Then I came home and decided to attempt Karen, which is 150 wall balls for time. Other than the fact that wall balls are difficult in and of themselves (in terms of metcon), but my home-made wall ball doesn’t bounce at all. I need to fix it so it does, like I mentioned in another post, by filling the rest of it with Great Stuff. The part that is filled with Great Stuff does indeed bounce beautifully, but it’s a matter of catching it and then rotating it so that part of the ball bounces off the wall with each and every shot.

I only made it to 67, in 7:34. I can’t completely blame the equipment. I was horribly tired. Although, every time I suck at something new, it just tells me to do it more often!

No Time

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I had a hard time getting out the door today, so had an unfortunately short workout. Started with 10 minutes on the elliptical, then five sets of five (45)-65-70-70-70-70 overhead squats with a few pull-ups and knees-to-elbows mixed in. Then five sets of five front squats 70-95-95-95-95. I should do these more often. I wanted to do some metcon today and went home with the intent of doing some medicine ball stuff like wall balls or cleans, but it started raining and then my man came home from being away all weekend, so I bagged it after doing a 15-second L-sit.

I don’t have to work tomorrow, so can do more stuff. There’s a lot to do in Crossfit, and I really hate running out of time.

Although I always have time to drill handstands…

Rest Day

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Today is a true rest day. I am feeling very lazy, so I will simply share with you this video of Damien Walters, acrobat and parkour practitioner extraordinaire:

ETA: OK, I did some L-sits. I’m up to 15 seconds. This is how I got good at handstands so fast, I drilled them every…single…day…

New Overhead Squat PR/Metcon

Posted in handstand, L-sits, overhead squats, parallettes, pull-ups, Travel 30 with tags , , , , , on June 26, 2009 by coughingsparks

My new overhead squat PR is 75 pounds. I started with 2k on the rower, making 8:48 with the damper at 5. Because this is my warm-up, I don’t kill myself on this, but I do like to make it below 9:00, and I think I pretty much always do. I then did my typical muscle warm-up. Then I decided to switch up my typical overhead squat. I warmed up with five reps with just the bar, like always, then did 5-5-3-3-3-2-2 with 65-65-70-70-70-75-75. My form suffered a little on the last set, so I will stick with 75 for a bit. I also did two dead-hang pull-ups in a row, which is also a new PR.

I was trying to decide what to do today for metcon. I need to do more of it, but a lot of them are difficult for me because 1.) I am not good at pull-ups and 2.) because a lot of them involve circuit work with equipment that tends to be in use while I am at the gym. That being said, I found this travel WODs website that is mostly body weight stuff, with some jump rope thrown in. I decided to do Day 30 today, which was 3-5 rounds for time of:

-100 single-unders
-50 air squats

I did three rounds in 10:03. Then I drilled handstands. Then I came home and drilled handstands on the parallettes. I can get up without help now, but I was pretty tired from all the handstands I did yesterday, plus it was thundering outside, so I kept it short. I came inside, did a 10-second L-sit, then took a shower and then carefully razored off all my calluses.

Now: lunch.

New Deadlift PR/Arts and Crafts II

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I started the day with 10 minutes on the elliptical, just to work on a good sweat, and then did my muscle warm up of 15-15-15 push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats x2. Then overhead squats five sets of five 45-65-65-65-65-65. I don’t really count the first set. Superset in pull-ups. On the first one, I kept my chin over the bar for a good 10 seconds. I’m going to have to try two tomorrow, I think. Then on to dead lifts.

I discovered that the mixed grip is extremely helpful, in contrast with the double-overhand grip that I was using. I started with 95 as a warm-up, five reps. Then 125 for five reps. Then 135 for five reps. I hadn’t done dead lifts in a while, but 135 was feeling too easy. So I went for 155, five reps, although the last one was fugly, but at this weight, I could see my body weight on the horizon, and knew I would be able to do it, even if I just did it one time. So I put two more fives on, for 165 and dead lifted it twice. For the finale, I put on 10s and took off the fives and dead lifted 175 pounds x1. My body weight was 176.6 this morning, so I consider that a win.

Speaking of which, I have lost three pounds on the Zone so far and have been on it for approximately one week. I do find that I’m hungry and have had to add a bit more fat than the allotted amount for my size and activity level, just as everyone warned me might happen. But my performance improvement cannot be denied. I could not be happier with my results.

Anyway, Arts and Crafts time again! My husband went to Home Depot and bought some two-inch PVC, assuring me that 1 1/2 inch would be too flimsy for parallettes. We sat on the lawn together and he used the Sawzall and I used the pipe dope, and we made these very lovely parallettes:


I put them against the shed and did a handstand on them, with my husband spotting. They are harder to get onto, but also make it easier to come off of the wall. I should come off the wall anyway, but am too much of a wuss to try it at the gym without a spotter. I also did some L-sits on my new parallettes, which were fun. They are also great for push ups because I can go below parallel. I discovered that if I put my feet up on something, I can do a wicked hard push up, like Zorro in the first movie with the chairs and the burning candles.

Practice, practice, practice…never say you’re too tall to be a gymnast!


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Something amazing happened today. I nailed the one-armed handstand. Appropriate too, because today’s my two-month Crossfit anniversary. I didn’t just wobble on it, I can hold it for a good 15 seconds. When I first did it, I couldn’t believe that I was doing it. So I did it again for longer. Then again for longer. Than I ran home and made my husband take pictures:

one armed handstand2

one armed handstand

And I thought today was going to be a bad day. I rowed 2K in 8:55, and felt sluggish. I did my warm-up and overhead squats five sets of five 65 pounds. These are getting easier. I have gotten into the habit of super-setting with a pull-up, which is also getting easier. Then I attempted two rep, multiple set big load back squats, but 135 felt too heavy, so I ended up doing two rep sets of 95-135-135-125-125. I superset knees-to-elbows, of which I can now do four in a row, after not being able to do these at all.

I also tried something new today, which was the Crossfit-style back extension, using a exercise ball and a bar. These are much harder than the machine at the gym, so I only did three sets of 16-8-8 and my hamstrings were burning afterwords. When I came home, I did three sets of 10 wall balls with my new homemade 20# medicine ball. The Great Stuff worked well, but I need to make some more incisions and fill it up with more. Optimally, I’d like a corona of Great Stuff around the sand, because where we put in the Great Stuff is the only place that the ball actually bounces. So I just tossed it up into the air and caught it, coming down into a squat on an empty cat litter container.

One-armed handstand…! *shakes head in disbelief*