Tons of updates

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DL 5×4, 205, 205, 220, 220, 235. This did not go well. I got through the first four sets just barely, and then couldn’t complete the fifth, even at 220. Just sore and tired. Interspersed with 15 push-ups, which I started strict and then ended up doing knees, because it was going to be better form anyway. The WoD was:

-100 DU
-40 KB snatch 32kg/24kg
-100 DU

8-minute time cap.

I did it Rx’d, sort of. The first 100 DU were supposed to take no more than 2 minutes, but I had done 75 in that time, so moved on to the KB snatch, which I did at 16kg, because 24 is redonkulous, even for a brick shithouse like myself. So I did the KB snatch, and then did 125 DU, and finished in 7:51

10/15: 5 RFT:

-15 CTB pull-ups
-30 pistols

15-minute time cap

I did regular pull-ups and scaled to 12kg front-racked lunges and still only got 3+4. Not a surprise. I am suck-tastic at both of those things.


10-minute AMRAP:

-20 Russian KB swings 32kg/24kg
-15 BBJO 24″/20″
-1 rope climb

I did 2+25, or something like that. The burpee box jump-overs took forever.


5 rounds of 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off:

-50 DU
-10 STO 165#/105#

I’m proud to say I was the only female of the day, at least in my class, who did the Rx’d weight. And I’m still sore two days later. I did 40 seconds of DU, ranging between 22 – 31 and got 24 TTB, which was the score. I’m proud of doing the weight Rx’d though and doing it unbroken thankyewverymuch.


7×1 DL: 225, 225, 245, 245, 260? I think? It was heavy… There were also sets of ring dips, 3-5 between these, and I did better with them than I had initially thought I would. I always think that I suck at ring dips, and I sort of do, but I’ve also been doing them on my own and I was able to do the three, almost every round. Anyway, WoD was:

-800m run (row)
-15 Bar-facing burpees
-15 thrusters 95#/65#

7-minute time cap


I just made stuff up today because I had already done all the programming for the week. I did 3-position cleans, which went less well than I’d hoped, only getting up to 125#. I finished with Helen-on-a-Boat, which I PR’d, incidentally:

3 RFT:

-500m Row
-21 KB swings 24kg/16kg
-12 PU

Finished in 12:57, about 15 seconds faster than my last PR, which was a year and a half ago.

Strict toes-to-bar programmed, bitches!

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Unbelievably, they programmed strict TTB for the strength/skill portion yesterday. It was a 10-minute EMOM:

-E: Good mornings at 20% of 1RM Back squat
-O: 8 Strict TTB

I did the good mornings at 45#, because I’ve never really seen a benefit in going up more than that and was one of only a handful of people to do all 40 TTB as Rx’d. I knew doing them on my own would pay off eventually! Hahaha!

The WoD was a little silly, 7-minute AMRAP:

-10 medball cleans
-10 Wall balls

I did 5 + 8, which was pretty much average.

Cleans, more burpees

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Today was 10-minute EMOM of HPC, which I got up to 155#, which isn’t too bad. The metcon was 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of over-the-bar burpees, which was about as bad as you might expect, with the very slow score of 62.

Lungs on fire

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Saturday: 27-21-15-9:

-Clean & jerk: 95#/65#
-Wall ball

15-minute time cap

Did it in 13:30-ish. This one was a lot harder than it looked at first. It was very Open-ish actually. The clean was so light it had to be touch and go, so there was a lot of wasted energy there, where typically I would dump. That was sort of the worst part. I went in with the intention of doing, like, sets of 9, but that ended up being wholly unrealistic, so it was sets of 5, and then sets of 3. The wall balls weren’t too bad, but the clean and jerk felt really, really bad.

Today was another lung burner:

-15-12-9 Thrusters 95#/65#
-9-7-5 Ring MU
-400m run/row after each set, for a total of 3

15-minute cap

I subbed in pull-ups and did remarkably well, with 9:34, but it was one of those WoDs, like 15.5 (also rowing and thrusters), where it basically boils down to how uncomfortably you are willing to be. It’s been a few hours, but my lungs still hurt, like if I take an excessively deep breath, I cough and have some continuing pleuritic chest pain, to coin a phrase.

Rope climbs, push-ups

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Today was 15-minute AMRAP:

-200m run/row
-25 DU
-10 HSPU
-1 rope climb

I got 4 rounds with push-ups. I did them in about 4-5 sets, which is pretty bad, but I had a decent enough day for double unders and I was so smoked on the push-ups that by the time I got to the rope, it wasn’t too bad.

DL, Row, Squats, More Rowing, Cleans, Press

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Tuesday was 4×7 DL at 65%, 70%, and 75%x2, which was 180, 195, 210 x2. The WoD was 3 RFT:

-400m run/row
-20 bar-over-burpees

10-minute cap

I had zero expectations for this WoD and got 2+1. I’m having an increasingly difficult time giving a crap about any form of burpees, we’ve been doing them so much.

Yesterday was, for time:

-1000m row
2 Rounds:
-21 back squats (115#/75#)
-15 HPC
-9 Strict press

15-minute cap

I dogged the row a little. I had to. If you blow your wad on the row, you’re sort of screwed with these things, even though they are scored separately. Still, it wasn’t the worst row ever at 3:49 and I was able to do a pretty good job on the rest at 10:51.

Involuntary 3-day hiatus

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The gym was closed on Friday and Saturday for a wedding, so I was just getting back today. We did a 10-minute EMOM:

E: Max strict pull-ups
O: 30-second max effort V-ups

Did OK on the pull-ups, about what I’ve done before with 20. Didn’t count at all on the V-ups because I was doing suitcases and meh. The WoD was 20-10-20:

-OHS 135#/95#
-Box jump overs 24″/20″

10-minute cap

I was not about to do it at 95#, so I did it at 65# and got 7:47. I knew the box jump overs were going to be slow, so I did the OHS unbroken.