Hamstring fun

Posted in cleans, front squats, handstand, jerk, reverse hyper, rowing on May 20, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today started with 4×2 FS, adding 5-10# from last week:


Heavy, but doable.  The barbell complex was:

-2 Hang clean
-1 Jerk

I got up to 135# successfully for the whole complex and 145# for one hang clean.

Then was 6 rounds of max effort HSPU with one minute rest between, which was 10-6-5-5-4-4.  Not too bad, really. Then 4×500 row at 90%, which was supposed to be 1:45 pace, with a one-minute rest between:


Also, not too bad at all.  Finished with 3×5 reverse hypers.  I brought the weight up to 125# and did them with continuous contact and traction, which is how Coach Eamon showed me how to do it today.  It changes the nature of the exercise.  Ran out of time for the L-sit.

Light snatch

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Yesterday started with:

-Full snatch
-Hang snatch
-Overhead squat

Once again, I stayed at 65#.  I could have gone up, but not very well.  Even though the weight was light, I did better technically this time around.  I do need to be patient though and not add weight until it’s perfect, even though 65# is very light.  The WoD was 5 RFT:

-5 full snatch (135#/95#)
-10 HSPU
-15 Box jump

I did it at 55#, with seated 12kg KB press and got 10:45.

Lifting day again

Posted in airdyne, back squats, dips, pull-ups on May 18, 2015 by coughingsparks

Although today would not normally be a lifting day, it was today due to a weird-ass schedule because of Regionals.  Started with 4×3 back squat, adding weight from last week:


I did a ton of mobility before ever getting near the bar and I took my sweet time getting this done.  It was still wicked heavy though, but I was able to do it.

Next was 12-minute EMOM:

E: Max effort strict pull-ups
O: Max effort strict dips

I got 17 pull-ups and 11 dips.  I should get back into doing these at home, plus the push-up progression.  The problem is that the only time I have to do it is at night after I get home from work and at that point, I’m too exhausted to do anything.  Still, it could have been worse.  It took a long time to even get one of these strict movements, so I’m grateful for the strength that I have.

Next was 10 minutes on the airdyne for calories, which was difficult, but mostly really boring and sort of interminable.  I got 156 calories.  I guess that’s good; I don’t know.  It was hard.  I was sweaty.  Finished up the day with 3×10 good mornings.  I actually stuck with just the barbell for this.  Honestly, with how my back has been feeling, this was really more of a mobility thing for me and got way easier in the third set.

More and more cleans

Posted in cleans, jerk, rowing on May 18, 2015 by coughingsparks

Saturday started with a barbell complex, 3 power cleans and 1 jerk.  I made it up to 140# on that one, probably could have done more, but it was getting a little curly and pressy at the end so I decided to quit while I was ahead.  The WoD was 5 RFT:

-400m run
-15 cleans (115#/85#)

16-minute time cap

For once, we did 400m row for the 400m run, the rationale being that we were going to be pulling a lot with the barbell.  Fine by me; it’s 90 cleans after doing the heavy cleans today and 45 cleans at 95# the day before.  I barely squeaked by at 15:44, but it was far and away the best score in class so go me!

Lifting day

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I forgot to say that on Thursday I had done 5-4-5-5-5 strict TTB, which is remarkable because it’s a very long distance for my feet to travel, so I’m pretty pleased with that.  I also did the 3×15 reverse hyper, keeping it at 20# for now. I may add weight next time, but it’s still a pretty new movement for me.  Friday was the lifting day that was supposed to be Saturday because I had too much to do Saturday to come in for the 2-hour competitor’s session; generally, Friday is way easier.  Started with 4×2 front squats:


I didn’t add weight like I was supposed to because it felt way too heavy today.  Next was 3RM power snatch, which I did at 95# successfully, and got 105×1 as well.  Eh.  Next was 4×3 DL at 85%:


Finished with the second Heart Games qualifier, which was 3 RFT:

-10 power cleans (135#/95#)
-50 double unders
-10 STO (135#/95#)
-50 ABMAT sit-ups

I got 18:10, which is fairly slow.  I did all of it unbroken, believe it or not, except for the double unders, which just went very, very slowly.  It could have been worse, and I’m not actually trying to qualify for the Heart Games.

Row PR, Regionals WoD 6

Posted in handstand, pull-ups, rowing on May 18, 2015 by coughingsparks

I am back-posting now to 5/14. Started with 2x500m row with 3-minute rest between. I PR’d the first one by 1 second, getting 1:35, and then I got 1:46 for the second, which was actually way harder, but I’m pretty happy with my consistency.

The WoD was Regionals WoD 6 from this year, which was 5 RFT:

-25-calorie row
-16 pull-ups

16-minute time cap

I did 2 rounds of this with pike push-ups from the box. My hands were still pretty torn up from Mary, plus my back lately has made kipping difficult-to-impossible. By my second round, I was doing the pull-ups as strict chin-ups. I need to do more mobility I guess.

Back squat/clean complex/Tabata/ring rows

Posted in airdyne, back squats, burpees, cleans, jerk on May 12, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today was another independent lifting day, 4×3 back squat, up 5# from last week:


It felt heavy.  On then to the clean complex, which was:

-Full clean
-Hang clean
-2 jerks

I got to 135# successfully, but did do 145# missing the second jerk.  I did video it, and the ones before, and I don’t extend my hips at all, really.  Interesting.  I push jerked because I don’t drop very far down for a split jerk as it is.  I don’t know if it really makes much of a difference.  Then was Tabata 3 minutes of Airdyne for calories, followed immediately by Tabata 3 minutes no-extension burpees.  I got 50 and 25.  I thought 25 was pretty good until I saw what other people were doing.  I’m ambivalent about the Competitor’s group.  On one hand, I like the extra volume.  On the other hand, I am at the bottom of the barrel, so I always feel bad about myself when I see what other people have done.  Finished up with some posterior chain mobility.


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