Groundhog Day

Posted in burpees, double unders, pull-ups on March 4, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today started with kipping drills on the bar and the rings. I really have no back swing to speak of right now on account of my right shoulder; I can only go forward so far before my shoulder says “nope.” The WoD was the most boring one I’ve ever done in Crossfit, 30-minute(!) AMRAP:

-45 sec. DU
-15 sec. rest
-35 sec. bar-facing burpees
-25 sec. rest
-5/3 ring muscle ups/pull-ups/Pendlay rows

Now, in reality, we were supposed to do 8, but then were told to choose a number that was reasonably achievable for the entire time, which for me was 3 pull-ups, although I suppose I could have done more. I was breaking them down to 1s at the end though. In any case, I got 117 DU, 60 burpees. That is a bad day of DU, like the worse day ever. My best set was 15, my worse was 4. For some reason, bar-facing-burpees have been giving me a really, horrible, debilitating fucking headache. So, this was partially responsible for my dismal DU performance; the last thing I wanted to was jump any more with my body.

Not my day at all.

Front squat PR

Posted in box jumps, front squats, kettle bells, wall ball on March 3, 2015 by coughingsparks

I did some pistols again today 6-5-4-3-2 with the green band. Then we started with 15 minutes to establish a heavy 5RM back squat:


We hadn’t done this in a while so I deliberately did not look. I did it without a belt.

The WoD was 10-minute AMRAP:

-Wall ball (20#/14#, 10’/9′)
-KB swings (24kg/16kg)
-Box jumps (24″/20″)

I got 1 round, 98 soclose to 2 rounds, but it took me 5:30 to get through the first round and I was doing it unbroken, although I was stepping up. The only thing that would have allowed me to get two rounds would have been rebounding box jumps. Still, it was a pretty good score, probably the best in class.

Speaking of which, it’s a good thing that I did 15.1/15.1A Rx’d because I am in the top 21%, even in the Rx division. That is likely to plummet over the next few weeks, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Rx? OK…

Posted in agility, dead lifts, overhead squats, pistols, snatches on March 2, 2015 by coughingsparks

I got to CFP early this morning and did 5-5-4-3-2 pistols with the green band. I am doing 2 extra reps on the left for each set on the right to try and shore that up a little. My hips are tight, tight, tight from cramming myself into the back of the car yesterday for two hours, despite rolling out a little before. Too little, too late. Finished up with Tabata lateral jumps over the barbell which was better and worse: 24-17-14-15-15-15-15-15.

The class proper started with 8-7-6-6-5 Pendlay rows and 2x push-ups. I have definitely lost strength in the push-up, unfortunately, since running through the progression twice. So, I started Rx, but had to go to knees, because I couldn’t really do it unbroken and also because I felt a sudden, shooting pain in my right chest. I had been sore after Saturday’s WoD, that had burpees and push-ups both, and the right shoulder is one of many issues being worked on by the chiropractor, and it just sort of got pulled today, I think. Nothing emergent. But it meant doing a lot of them on knees and stretching my shoulder the other way.

The WoD was 7-minute AMRAP:

-6 Hang Power Snatch (135#/95#)
-6 OHS (135#/95#)
-12 DL (135#/95#)
-12 air squats

We were initially told to pick a weight that we could do unbroken, so I put 75# on and it was still sort of press-y, and was asked what was stopping me from doing it Rx’d. Uh…nothing except that 95# is pretty close to my 1RM, and certainly not within my capacity to do unbroken. So, I did it as prescribed, and got 2 rounds, 3 with that. I got the first 4 snatch unbroken, then started to do them one at a time, although I did do the OHS unbroken, which was nice and very deliberate, because there was no way I was going to snatch that weight up again. As of then, I was the second person to do it Rx’d. So it was good. It was hard. I got the third snatch right at the buzzer.

Here a goat, there a goat

Posted in back squats, burpees, pistols, push-ups on February 28, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today started with 8-7-6-5-5 Pendlay rows with strict ring dips. I didn’t do that many strict ring dips, just did as many as I could, which was more like 3-2-2-1-1. Then was the WoD, which was:

8-minute AMRAP
-8 back squats (135#/95#)
-7 bar-over burpees (lateral)
-6 back racked lunge steps
-5 push-ups

I had to approach this one quickly because I had to sub in back rack 20″ step ups. Also, it’s difficult for me to back rack from the ground anyway on account of my decrepit, arthritic, inflamed right shoulder so I started with 85#, which seemed easy in warm-up but proved impossible in the first round so I unfortunately had to waste precious time unloading the barbell. That was a bummer and I haven’t done it in a while. So, I did the WoD at 75# and got 2 rounds, 9. Not great, but it’s a WoD full of my goats. There is nothing redeeming about it for me. So I made my way through it as I do. I guess the lesson is to go lighter than I might normally if I have to do weighted step-ups (which are harder than lunges, I think, although I do like them better).

Finished with 5-4-4-3-2 banded pistols. I am pretty sure I can do one on the right. I sort of did it afterwards without assistance, but with a lot of hopping and flailing. So, yay? I am reallyreallyreally close tho…


Posted in competition on February 27, 2015 by coughingsparks

Yesterday, I went to the chiropractor. Her name is Sarah and she specializes in Crossfit athletes (and is going to marry Coach Darrin at some point this year, I hear). She. Is. Awesome. I can see why the coaches rave about her. She did a lot of soft tissue stuff and found the trigger points (“boy, you’re really locked up” is something I heard a lot). Then she worked them and it was intense, but incredible effective. She worked on my back and also my stupid right shoulder. She adjusted my lower back and put on a piece of K-tape. She got me between the shoulder blades too, which pretty much always needs to be done. I see her again next week.

And not a moment too soon.

Today I started with Day 2 of my top sekrit pistol progression, 5-4-3-3-2. It wasn’t as hard today and I think I might be closer than I think to being able to do and actual pistol, at least on the right leg. My goal is my birthday this year (9/30), but IDK… I did it without the band on the right leg and almost did it. o_O

Also, today marked the beginning of the Open for the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games. I did watch the contest last night between the very talented (and easy on the eyes) Rich Froning Jr. and hey-I-think-I-met-him-at-Regionals-crazy-good-Oly-lifting garden gnome Matt Fraser. The WoD was:

9-minute AMRAP
-15 TTB
-10 DL (115#/75#)
-5 snatch (115#/75#)

-Immediately followed by, as in clock does not stop-

6 minutes to establish 1RM C&J

I was sort of on the fence about whether to do this scaled or Rx because I am that bad at TTB, but I CAN do them so your argument is invalid. Also, the barbell weight may as well be tinker toys, so the scaled weight wouldn’t even be fun. In any case, I got 96 reps, which is 3 rounds plus 6 TTB (again, thanks to Sarah; I wouldn’t have been able to do nearly so many if she hadn’t fixed my back). Rich Froning is right; there comes a point where you just can’t grip the bar. I didn’t even get particularly tired, my forearms and hands just would not cooperate and hold the bar. Thank God I’m really, really good at the other stuff because I could fly through it and make up time. I mean, 96 is a pretty lousy score as these things are measured (ETA: not LOUSY; there are plenty of people who can’t do TTB AT ALL or will do their first in this WoD, but lousy compared to most of the mostly-Rx women in my gym, like me. But really, there are no women in the gym like me; there’s just ME), but it’s fine for me, really. I can barely type. Brushing my hair was hard.

The clean and jerk was hilarious because this is literally the last thing we did in the gym. Some people complained about that because they were sore but it was a master stroke really because everyone, EVERYONE knew their 1RM going in and so when the coaches said that it was supposed to be around 90%, everyone subsequently knew that number as well. The funny part is, I expected not to be able to get above 135, so that’s what I planned for in terms of gathering plates. Sooooo….I had to run across the gym during the WoD for two more 10s at which point Coach Matt yelled, “Bring this woman more weights!!!” It was awesome, and I hit 155# flawlessly. I mean, it was prettier than the one on Wednesday and I also was absolutely, 100% confident I could hit it. There was not even the merest doubt in my mind.

Great start to the Open.

Ambivalent Oly Total

Posted in cleans, jerk, oly total on February 25, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today I started with 5-4-3-2-2 pistols with a green band on the highest bar in the Foundations Room. I could barely do it, particularly on my left leg. Still…I did it. This was extracurricular, really. The actual day started with max effort snatch, followed by max effort C&J for an Oly total, which I’ve never actually done. So, the snatch…sigh. Be ready for a massive amount of fucking profanity.

Can we power snatch? “Preferably not.” That’s a NO. “I know the answer to this question is going to be ‘no,’ but can we split snatch?” “NO.” So, I did full snatch as requested, pleasantly, politely, respectfully, deferentially even, and with an open mind. And then, my frustration pretty much built and stayed up for the entire wretched 15 minutes we had to do this stupid fucking lift that I fucking hate, even after two years of fucking it the fuck up. My power snatch is 110, my hang split snatch is 110, my OHS is 135 (with more there, I think) and even my HANG full snatch is 95, but I could not get beyond 80 today from the flooor to the bottom. Of course, I can power snatch it easily. I can squat it easily and stay down and even have an entire conversation with Head Coach Eamon in the fucking bottom of my fucking overhead squat at 80 fucking pounds. I can hold that fucking shit up all day.

But some stupid shit happens in the middle between the ground and overhead. I pull too early. My feet are too narrow. I lose core tension. I don’t pull myself under the bar. I don’t have the power of positive thought (fun fact I learned today: they’ve added an 11th physical skill to the Crossfit pantheon [strengthstaminaspeedagilityaccuracycardiorespiratory-endurancecoordinationbalancepowerflexibility, and yes, I just did that from memory], which is ‘mental game’ LOL). I fall down (LOLOL). I dump. And dump. And dump. And dump. I hear the words. I know they’re true. But I have a difficult time applying them in the moment. It’s like my brain is disconnected from my spinal cord, won’t transmit those messages to my back, legs, etc., the working parts that can make or break the lift and although, as evidenced above, I have 2+2, I can’t make them add up to 4.


Crazy lady.


The clean and jerk went a whole lot better, mostly because I was angry and I had done 20 cleans at 125# yesterday and I was nice and warm from snatching 80 pounds, like 15 times. And I PR’d, like, 4 things. I did full cleans (for the most part) because, of course “preferably” we squat all the way to the bottom, and I did, with lightning quick elbows. So I did a full clean and split jerk of 155 and then went on the successfully [muscle/power] clean 160, although I couldn’t get it overhead (today). So, that is a C&J PR, a split jerk PR, a squat clean PR, and a power clean PR.

For an Oly total of 235#.

Bring on the fucking Open, I say.

That’s a Heavy-Ass Clean

Posted in cleans, double unders, handstand, presses on February 24, 2015 by coughingsparks

I got up very, very early today to go to Crossfit at 0600. We started with a 3RM press, which went very, very well:


What followed was a brief period of DU practice, which…eh. Finished with 4RFT:

-5 power cleans (185#/125#)
-15 HSPU
-30 DU

12-minute time cap

I did friggin’ great at this WoD, for all that I scaled the HSPU to 12kg seated press (which, by the way, I still had to break up), but Rx’d the clean (which was really heavy) and the DU (the last set of which I did unbroken). I got 10:45. A solid day.


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