Rowing PR (nothing else matters)

Posted in double unders, knees-to-elbows, push-ups, rowing on July 23, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today was some interval training, starting with 4-400m sprint with 1:1 rest, which of course for me, meant a 500m row. Now, I haven’t tested my 500m in a long time, but I should mention that when I used to test it, I wouldn’t do anything else that day. That said, my splits were pretty interesting:


That’s a 2-second PR, which is HUGE. And, I think I could probably do it faster, because, like an idiot I stopped at 484 and let it coast to 500. Had I pulled to the end, I probably could have shaved another second off. Oh well, gives me something to look forward to. And at least, as slow as they were, none of my splits was over 2:00.

Finished with tabatas, or something. 8 minutes, for cumulative reps, of:

-TTB (20)
-Sit-ups (44)
-Push-ups (18?)
-DU (27)

Eh. By the double unders, my arms wouldn’t work any more. Honestly, I left it on the floor in the first minute and a half of class, so didn’t have a lot left for the rest of the day. Still, I tried. I didn’t just dog it.

Not enough chalk in the world

Posted in pull-ups, snatches, wall ball on July 22, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today was a lot of kipping drills that were very fun and effective, I think. A lot of stuff from the floor, and then from the box that included timing, which is definitely a big problem with me, if not the biggest problem. That, and my grip gives out. Doubly so today. It was very hot and humid, so my custom grips that I made out of tape failed within minutes, bunched up and became pretty much useless, especially during the WoD, which was 10-minute AMRAP:

-5 power snatch (135#/95#)
-10 pull-ups
-20 wall balls

I got 2 rounds, 12 at 85#, and definitely got stuck on the pull-ups, but generally got runs of 3, and then 2, so it wasn’t all bad. I sort of wish I’d gotten back to those wall balls, because I think I could have had a good shot at finishing that third round. Still, not a horrible score.

Unilateral leg loading…of DEATH

Posted in burpees, cleans, jerk on July 22, 2014 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was every 90 seconds for 12 minutes:

-Clean high pull
-Hang clean
-Split jerk L
-Split jerk R

We were supposed to add another 5#, which I did at 115#. We finished with EMOM 15 minutes:

0,3,6,9,12: 4 alt leg split jerk (at 90% of complex weight)
1,4,7,10,13: 30-second all-out burpees
2,5,8,11,14: 4 front racked lunges (at 90% of complex weight)

I killed it in minute 0 with 105, but couldn’t do the front rack lunges at that weight, so had to go down to 95#, which was extremely irritating, but I’m not actually that surprised. I knew that front rack lunges would be the death of me on this WoD. I can’t do pistols, so there’s your first clue that I’m going to not do well on weighted unilateral leg loading.

Also, thanks to my foot surgery, putting that much weight on one joint that’s compromised (my left hallux [valgus, uncorrected]) and then on another that is not designed to bend, ever (my right hallux [valgus, corrected with joint fusion at 15 degrees]). So, when I put weight on it, I have to bend bend my ankle outward over my other four toes to make up for it, creating sort of an awkward position for my entire foot and ankle. Throughout, I have to try and focus on a movement that, even in a perfect world, takes a lot of concentration, i.e., keeping elbows up, tight midline, etc, and yet work on not rolling an ankle. I think wearing lifters helped, but I’m not sure. In any case, it’s a weak lift for me.

I ended up cumulatively with 51 burpees. Eh. Oh well, at least I added weight to my clean…

I must not be a Hero then

Posted in cleans, pull-ups, rowing on July 19, 2014 by coughingsparks

I don’t think I’ve ever finished a Hero WoD, come to think of it. Today was one I thought I might have a shot at, but it didn’t happen. We did Hot Shots 19, which is 6 RFT:

-30 air squats
-19 cleans (135#/95#)
-7 strict pull-ups (red band)
-400m run (500m row)

45-minute time cap

I got 5 rounds in the time cap. I’m awful at long metcons, I didn’t get much sleep last night and yesterday was one of those days at work where I didn’t eat for about 9 hours. This stuff really does matter. I wanted to stop after 3 rounds, but I kept going, although it was very slow. Then I went home and slept for another two hours and woke up with a headache. I’m still tired now.


Posted in burpees, cleans, jerk on July 19, 2014 by coughingsparks

Yesterday started with EMOM 10 minutes:

-1 hang clean
-1 power jerk

-Add 5-10# from last time

I did just that, doing the complex at 110#

What followed was 4 RFT:

-7 STO 80% of complex
-7/5 bar muscle ups (14 burpees)

10-minute time cap

I did the WoD at 90#, with the burpee scaling of course, and finished in 6:29 another blisteringly fast time. I only broke up the last set of STO. It went well in any case.

Back squat maintenance/Chipper

Posted in back squats, box jumps, kettle bells, push-ups, rowing, wall ball on July 17, 2014 by coughingsparks

Yesterday started with 4×5 back squat at 75#, which was:


Then came the following chipper:

-50 KB swings (24kg/16kg)
-200m run (250m row)
-50 box jumps (24″/20″)
-200m run
-50 wall balls
-200m run
-50 push-ups
-200m run
-50 sit-ups

15-minute time cap

I got 203, which meant getting through the push-ups. I knew that would be the death of me. I mean, I’m better than I was, but definitely it’s still my weakest of all the things on the list. This was a very difficult cap, and the person who I know is slightly-to-quite faster than me on most WoDs got 14:58, so I knew it was a pipe dream.

Cleans and burpees

Posted in burpees, cleans on July 15, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today started with a clean complex, every 90 seconds for nine minutes, straight across:

-Clean high pull
-Hang clean
-Front squat
-Power jerk

I did it at 105# and did a pretty good job. I probably could have gone heavier, but for the most part, it was done with good form. I’d rather have that, I think, than adding 5-10 pounds, which was what the initial intent was. Every time I do this, I’m trying to focus on something that I didn’t before. It takes a lot of focus, which I don’t always have. When I really pay attention, don’t talk, just listen and stay mindful of what I’m going to do next, I do a lot, A LOT better.

For example.

The WoD was 15-12-9
-Hang power cleans (155#/105#)

10 minute cap

I got the fastest time of the day (up until then) Rx’d at 4:56. I was actually pretty surprised because honestly, I’m not that fast. But the cleans, for whatever reason, went really fast, like I never put the bar down, and the burpees were just the right number to sprint them out without stopping.


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